Presenting the Power of Collaboration

Presenting the Power of Collaboration
January 17, 2018 8:41 pm

A panel featuring Anjali Taneja of Clinical Scholars and participants from three of RWJF’s other leadership development programs took center stage at the American Public Health Association (APHA) Annual Meeting, the nation’s largest gathering of people working to advance public health, in Atlanta on Nov. 6.

The panel, moderated by RWJF’s John Lumpkin, senior vice president/program, highlighted the need and opportunity for public health to work with people from many other sectors to improve community conditions for health. Panelists also spoke—with great conviction—about the unique nature of the leadership programs to help them collaborate with people from other sectors, linking fields from transportation to labor relations to health.

Anjali Taneja’s cross-disciplinary Clinical Scholars team includes a physician, a social worker, a nurse practitioner, and a doctor of oriental medicine collaborating to deliver holistic treatment to its patients, including those recovering from substance addiction. “I’ve done numerous leadership trainings in the past,” says Anjali, executive director of Casa de Salud. “This one is different. It supports collaborative, team-based care—delivered in an innovative way—and it allows us to rapidly iterate like a startup.”

Lumpkin concluded the panel by asking each speaker to share who had most influenced them during their time in their respective programs. The answer was unanimous: the other people in the programs, who inspired them with creative solutions to pressing problems, exposed them to new ways of thinking, and opened access to research and new approaches they hadn’t had access to before.

For more information about all the programs, including a tool to help determine which program might be right for you or someone you know, please visit the RWJF Program Finder.