Clinical Scholars is just one of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s leadership programs. Meet the newest leaders from Culture of Health Leaders, Health Policy Research Scholars, and Interdisciplinary Research Leaders who will be joining minds and efforts with our fellows to expand their thinking and impact.

Culture of Health Leaders

M Barclay, MDiv

Rev. M Barclay, the first openly non-binary, transgender deacon in the United Methodist Church, is helping communities explore how faith can work for or against our well-being, how systemic injustices keep us from flourishing, and how deeply we need healthy relationships.






Stanley Andrisse, MBA, PhD

Committed to changing lives and inspiring others to excel, Stanley Andrisse is a professor and endocrinologist who was incarcerated for drug trafficking in his youth. Today, he serves as a mentor and educational counselor to people facing similar challenges, helping them build career skills to push them toward their full potential.




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Health Policy Research Scholars

Deniss Martinez, PhD student
(Photo credit: Laura Galvez)

Deniss Martinez, a doctoral student in ecology, is conducting research with indigenous communities to elevate their perspectives and include their expertise in difficult conversations about environmental injustice, climate change, resource depletion, and habitat destruction.







Benjamin Carter, PhD student

Benjamin Carter, a doctoral student in political science, is bridging the gap between academia and government, using economic experiments and public opinion research to find real-world policy solutions, challenging society to deliver more equitable health care and minimize fiscal waste.






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Interdisciplinary Research Leaders

Here is a glimpse of the people joining our third cohort. Get ready to be inspired!

Amanda Kiger pictured; team also includes Erin Haynes, DrPH, and Lydia Rose, PhD

Community organizer Amanda Kiger has teamed up with researchers Erin Haynes and Lydia Rose to understand the impacts of pollution on rural communities and develop an innovative citizen science protocol that will give residents tools to measure toxic metals in yards and play areas.







Left to Right: Ilima Ho-Lastimosa, MSW, MOA, Theodore Radovich, PhD, and Jane Chung-Do, DrPH

Public health professor Jane Chung-Do, organic farming specialist Theodore Radovich, and Native Hawaiian cultural and health practitioner Ilima Ho-Lastimosa are merging modern agricultural techniques with traditional Hawaiian food practices by bringing together Native Hawaiian families to build and maintain backyard aquaponic systems, which allow plants and fish to grow symbiotically and sustainably.






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